Exchange Project


Flexible Commerce

A sophisticated marketplace engine gives players the option of both highest bidder and buy-now transactions.

Guaranteed Delivery

Anti-fraud mechanisms protect both sides of every transaction: buyers are assured of receiving purchased goods, and sellers are assured of receiving payment.

A Level Playing Field

The marketplace project provides publishers with the tools to manage the in-publishing economy to preserve balanced options.

A Better Marketplace

As a leading publisher-supported secondary trading market for virtual goods, the marketplace project is founded on the premise that legitimate trading protects writers and users and reduces illicit activity. Fully transparent and easily accessible, the marketplace:

Protects users by making it possible to participate in virtual trading without taking chances with black market predators, hackers, or gold farmers or violating Terms of Use agreements.

Helps publishers preserve the integrity of their rights by providing a controlled, sanctioned alternative to any illicit marketplace.

Committed to Safety, Quality, and Professionalism

Led by uniquely experienced management from the knowledge base world, the Lawi Project has the expertise, resources, and partners to offer users a virtual trading market with a high level of integrity, security, confidence, and professionalism. We also understand the importance of fairness and quality for every participant of the market. And to ensure positive experiences for every participant in the Lawi Project marketplace, we provide round-the-clock customer support for all virtual item trading-related issues. Sophisticated global financial services-based techniques are used to monitor and safeguard against gold farming, fraud, and other illegal, illicit, and suspicious activity. Behind the scenes, we’re constantly at work to maintain and improve our trading platform to provide the best possible user experience for our customers. Virtual trading is already transforming the way we play games. Now Live Gamer is transforming virtual trading-with a marketplace where everyone wins.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please visit the market project Support site HERE.

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