According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, in “the 19th century a whole new era in publishing began. A series of technical developments … dramatically raised output and lowered costs. .. a thirst for self-improvement and entertainment greatly expanded readership, leading to a rapid growth in every category of book from the scholarly to the juvenile. The interplay of technical innovation and social change was never closer. As the development of the railways encouraged people to travel, a demand arose for reading material to lessen the tedium of the long journeys. The only victim in the book trade was design, part of the price that was paid almost universally in the first phase of machine production.

Publishing was now well established, with its characteristic blend of commerce and idealism. Their tendency to specialize made French and German publishers more vulnerable to change than their British colleagues, who aimed as a rule at greater flexibility.”

List of 19th-century publishers

Jane Aitken
Thomas Allan
Samuel Turell Armstrong
John Baxter
Isaac Collins
Joseph Cottle
Hristo G. Danov
Dietrich Eckart
Samuel von Fischer
Robert Laurie (engraver)
Mary Theresa Ledóchowska
Herrmann Julius Meyer
Philipp von Nathusius
Friedrich von Oppeln-Bronikowski
Jan Otto
George Philip
Adolf Martin Schlesinger
Ernst Steiger
Edward Stratemeyer
David Van Nostrand
Charles L. Webster
James Wilson
A & C Black
Blackie and Son
Bonnier Group
Gilbert & Dean
John Wiley & Sons
Lewis Masonic
Serampore Mission Press


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