The UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts: a governing law?

The UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts: a governing law?

The UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts: a governing law?

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  • Creators or Attribution (Responsibility): David Oser, International Institute for the Unification of Private Law
  • Language: English
  • Jurisdiction(s): Netherlands
  • Publication Information: Leiden : BRILL, 2008
  • Publication Type (Medium): Electronic books, Contracts
  • Material: Document, Internet resource
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Print version: Oser, David. Unidroit Principles of International Commercial Contracts: A Governing Law? Leiden: BRILL, ©2008

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1 online resource (202 pages)

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Useful for students learning an area of law, The UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts: a governing law? is also useful for lawyers seeking to apply the law to issues arising in practice.

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  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Country/State: Netherlands
  • Number of Editions: 10 editions
  • First edition Date: 2008
  • Last edition Date: 2008
  • General Notes: B. Recognition in International Doctrine.
  • Languages: British English
  • Library of Congress Code: K1024
  • Dewey Code: 340.92
  • ISBN: 9789047440413 9047440412
  • OCLC: 833765461

Main Contents

Tha UNIDROIT Principlas of International Commercial Contracts:A Governing Law?; TABLE OF CONTENTS; ACKNOWLEDGMENTS; ABOUT THE AUTHOR; LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS; CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION; I. THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES OF INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS: AN OVERVIEW; 1. Subject Matter and Scope of the First Edition of the UNIDROIT Principles; 2. The Method Adopted by the Working Group; 3. UNIDROIT Principles 2004-The Second Edition of theUNIDROIT Principles of International CommercialContracts; 4. Content and Structure of the UNIDROIT Principles (2004); II. THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES-A RESTATEMENT OFLAW. III. RESTATEMENT OF LAW AND CONFLICT OF LAWSIV. COURSE OF THE STUDY; CHAPTER 2-THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLESBEFORE ARBITRAL TRIBUNALS; I. THE DEBATE ABOUT THE LEX MERCATORIA; 1. Courts’ Recognition of Arbitral Awards Based on theLex Mercatoria; 2. Statutory Recognition of a Choice of the LexMercatoria; 3. The Notion of Rules of Law; II. CHOICE OF THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES OFINTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL CONTRACTS; 1. Arbitral Practice; 2. The UNIDROIT Principles’ Test in EnforcementProceedings; III. SPECIFIC CHOICE-OF-LAW CLAUSES AND THERELEVANCE OF THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES. 1. Exclusive, Express Choice of the UNIDROIT Principles asthe Law Governing the Contracta. Article 1.6: Issues Within the Scope of the Principlesbut Not Expressly Settled by Them Are as Far asPossible to Be Settled in Accordance With TheirUnderlying General Principles; i. Applicability of Article 1.6(2); II. Within the Scope of the Principles; A. Example: Set-Off Claims; B. Limitation of Actions (Prescription); C. Conditions and Joint v. Several Liability; III. The Methodology Underlying Article 1.6(2) in Identifying andDeriving General Principles and Specific Rules. B. Issues Beyond the Scope of the Principles: GeneralPrinciples Underlying the UNIDROIT Principles NotIdentifiablei. The Doctrine of a Negative Choice of Law by the Parties; II. Choice of the UN/DROIT Principles and the Doctrine of a NegativeChoice of Law; 2. The UNIDROIT Principles and the Parties’ Reference to the Lex Mercatoria, General Principles of Law, GeneralPrinciples of Equity, or the Like; a. Overview of Doctrine and Arbitral Case Law; b. Analysis of Doctrine and Arbitral Practice; i. Reference to the Lex Mercatoria. Ii. Reference to General Principles of Law, General Principles of Equity, or the Likec. Conceptual Approach: A Proposal; i. Lex Mercatoria; II. General Principles of Law or Equity; III. Bridging the Gap Between the Two Concepts Through the General Principles of Law’s Corrective Function; IV. Conclusions; 3. The UNIDROIT Principles and an Exclusive Choice of a Domestic Law by the Parties; IV. THE RELEVANCE OF THE UNIDROIT PRINCIPLES ABSENT A CHOICE OF LAW; 1. Application of Transnational Law Before Publication of the UNIDROIT Principles; a. Recognition in Arbitral Practice.

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