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User Guide

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From the Legal Books Project’s Browse Titles page you may view all of the Legal Books Project’s titles by title, first author/editor, publisher, publication year or type, or begin searching across the entire resource. You may browse and search across all content, or one book at a time.

By clicking on a book’s cover image or hyperlinked title, you may access an individual publication’s Table of Contents page, from which you can begin browsing or searching the contents of that particular book.

Search results will be displayed on a separate page and organized by relevance.

Frequently Asked Questions

See Legal Books Project User Questions and Author and Publisher Questions in the Frequently Asked Questions resource here.

Copyright and Permissions

This section provides information about copyright restrictions that apply to content inthe Legal Books Project.

Copyright-protected Publications

For content in the Legal Books Project, read the license and copyright statements on the bottom of each entry. The license and copyright statements define what uses of the document are permitted, and apply to all associated files, including images and supplementary material, unless otherwise indicated. The terms and conditions of use are not identical for all documents. In the absence of a license or copyright statement, the document is in the public domain. Contact the publisher if you have any questions about the permissible uses of the documents.

Publications in the Public Domain

Some of the content found in the Legal Books Project is authored and published by an institution of the U.S. government or other government with similar copyright protection over government production. No permission is needed to reproduce or distribute this type of content, but the authoring agency must be given appropriate attribution.

Occasionally, copyrighted material (such as a figure, table, or supplementary material), may appear in a U.S. government publication in Bookshelf. In these cases, a special copyright statement such as “Reprinted with permission from…” will accompany the material. Permission must still be sought from the original author/publisher of such material before it can be reproduced or distributed.

Restrictions on Systematic Downloading of Books or Chapters

Crawlers and other automated processes may NOT be used to systematically retrieve content from the the Legal Books Project web site.

The Legal Books Project has an auxiliary service that may be used for automated retrieval and downloading of a special subset of books, namely, books in the Open Access Subset. This auxilliary service is the only service that may be used for automated downloading of content in the Legal Books Project.

Publisher-specified Copyright Statements

See the publishers’ sites for additional copyright statements that apply to their respective content in the Legal Books Project.

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